Marketing Automation Intern

Job description

We are looking for an enthusiastic marketing automation intern in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to join our marketing department.


As a marketing automation intern, you will collaborate with our marketing and sales team to develop and execute strategies around marketing campaigns. This includes lead generation, nurturing, planning, overseeing, and managing the execution of marketing outreach campaigns.

This internship will give you the valuable opportunity to acquire new marketing skills, and provide you with knowledge of various marketing and sales strategies. You will gain broad experience in marketing to expand your marketing background, and prepare you to enter any work environment.



  1. Set up lead generation campaigns for different countries and verticals

  2. Give feedback tactics and discover new tricks & tools that we can use to generate leads

  3. Experiment with new ways to generate leads in markets around the world

  4. Help create content for lead generation

  5. Track campaign metrics

  6. Engage with the sales department to coordinate, communicate and optimize the sales automation campaigns

  7. This role will also include assisting with lead generation initiatives, social media, and landing page creation


  1. Start date: early April

  2. Strong desire to learn along with a professional drive

  3. English speaking

  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  5. Excellent knowledge of MS Office

  6. Current enrollment in a related BS or Masters degree (preferably in the Netherlands)